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Kristin Davis Ottawa Film Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we know you are the right photographer for us?

I strongly suggest checking out my social media accounts as well as my portfolio, and reading through my website to get a feel for me, and my style.  You should choose a photographer not only based on their portfolio, but also their personality. I ADORE getting to know potential clients over coffee, so don’t be afraid to get to know me. If you appreciate laughing, being in the moment, and pretty little details, we will get along just fine!

If you want your special day to be more than just memories, but rather shared as beautiful, timeless moments, then film photography may be the right choice for you. Focused on lighting, texture, and happy moments, my style will bring an absolutely exquisite and unique look to your special day. I cater to those who are known to laugh, love, and explore. I hope to make you appreciate the simple beauty of art that surrounds us in everyday life. 


What’s your style of photography?

As a film photographer, my style may be described as almost a fine art style; I adore beautiful lighting, contrast, and shadows. I will always be looking for little details that most will walk right by. Your bridal portraits will look like something out of a dream; none of this forced posing, but rather a focus on bringing out natural beauty in the world that surrounds us.

Precious moments draw my eye; that loving smile he throws your way when you aren’t looking, that tear in your mother’s eye, the children frolicking on the sidelines... I love documenting real, candid memories in a way that is pure art.


How long have you been a photographer for?

I started shooting film in 2010 and never stopped. I will never make the switch to digital, film is simply magical in its beauty. I have shot portraits for many years, booked my first wedding in 2015, and have continued to learn and grow since. I finally quit my day job and took the leap into being a full time photographer in early 2018.


Are you a professional?

On top of being educated and involved in the Ottawa wedding industry, I am fully licensed, and insured. You have nothing to worry about!


What equipment do you bring to a wedding?

I am a Nikon shooter, relying on my FM2 and FE bodies for most weddings. I always bring an assortment of Nikon Nikkor lenses (28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 70-200mm) but usually end up shooting the majority of the day through my favorite 35mm Nikkor. I always bring two flashes, as well as light stands and umbrellas If additional lighting is needed.

Isn’t film slow? Are you going to miss important parts of the day?

No!! First of all, film is where photography originated; this used to be how every wedding was shot! I can do anything a digital photographer can do, the only “slow” part of being a film photographer is when a roll runs out. This is why I keep 2-3 cameras on my person loaded with film and ready to go at all points of the day, with an additional 2 bodies as backups in my bag. This allows me to act quickly when I reach the end of a roll, and simply swing a second identical camera around rather than pause to rewind and load a fresh roll of film. To ease your mind even further, I almost always bring a second shooter to weddings.


Are engagement photos included in your packages?

Yes! My first priority is getting to know you and your partner, which is why consultations are ALWAYS complimentary. Any wedding photography package will also include an engagement session, as we believe this is the best way to prepare for your wedding day. Through our engagement session, I get a chance to really connect with you and your partner, and you get to understand how I work, and learn what to expect on your wedding day. This also gives you a chance to practice being in front of the camera, and provide me with any feedback on the direction you would like your bridal portraits to take. 


I’m not very good at being on camera, and I have no idea how to pose!

As a professional, I am more than capable of walking you through poses and ideas, you have nothing to worry about, and you are not alone! Most clients show up to their engagement shoot awkward and confused, and by the end of it they are pros laughing their way through my directions.

On your wedding day, you will be too busy enjoying yourself and every little moment to notice me much at all. For bridal portraits you will be once again told where to stand, to smile, laugh, lean, twist and turn. I got you, don’t worry.


When should we book?

ASAP! Your date isn’t reserved until you officially book me as your photographer, so it’s always best to complete your booking as soon as you’re sure I’m the one for you.
On top of avoiding disappointment, you will also save; pricing generally increases each year, so lock in as early as you can!


What are your rates?

Rates for wedding packages as well as portraits are all online, simply head over to the weddings, portraits or boudoir page and scroll to find investment, If you are looking for a la carte add-ons, get in touch and I'll send it your way. 


We’re having a small wedding and only need a photographer for a couple of hours. Is this something you offer?

I LOVE small intimate weddings and we can definitely work out a package for you.


Will you travel outside Ottawa for weddings?

If you are getting married in Montreal, Kingston, or anywhere else within 200km of Ottawa there is no travel fee when booking a wedding package. Additional travel is charged at $0.55/km. If you need me to stay late or I am not able to drive back home in the same day, you would be covering my accommodations for the night. Send me an email, tell me about your wedding and I’ll be happy to figure out the best option for you!


How do I know how much time do we need for photos?

I’m happy to help any way I can, and yes, I know my way around a wedding timeline. Just ask, I’m happy to give you input on how to arrange your day.


Do you bring a second shooter?

Yes! I have found that having a backup tends to ease my clients mind, as well as provide me with benefits that make the day run smoothly. My second shooter is there not only to help me but to provide assistance that is needed for my clients. I use confident second shooters who I feel comfortable sending off to cover groom prep while I spend time with the bride, or get photos of your guests enjoying cocktail hour while I handle your bridal portraits. A second shooter also provides variation on angles throughout the day and ensures not a single moment is missed (if you haven’t thought about it, here’s a good example: it is literally impossible to catch both of your reactions as he first sees you walk down the aisle and also your mom who’s crying, and your maid of honor who’s smiling with pride, and dad trying to keep a straight face with one camera). Your special day only happens once, I want to ensure you have every angle of it.


Do you edit the photos?

Of course! After the wedding, my film gets developed, then I scan it all to convert to digital files. From there, I bring everything into lightroom to do any necessary touchups and add in images from my second shooter to fill out the gallery.


How long after the wedding do we have to wait to get our photos?

You are guaranteed to have your entire gallery within 6-8 weeks, and a sneak peek within the first week.


How will we receive our photos?

Once your photos are ready, you will receive a link to an online gallery that has all of the finished photos from your wedding day. This gallery has an option to batch download all of your images as high-resolution digital files, as well as web-sized images.


How many photos should we expect?

I guarantee a minimum of 80 photos per hour of wedding day coverage, but it usually ends up being higher than this. I will include every photo that is worthy of being seen, I will not cull to a decided number and scrap perfectly good images.


How do we go about printing our images?

You have full printing rights for all of the images in your final gallery, but I do recommend going through me for professional and guaranteed quality product.


Do you offer wedding albums?

Absolutely! Wedding albums are available as an add-on to my wedding collections, many couples choose to make a wedding album for their one-year anniversary, or as a Christmas gift for their partner or family.

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