All you've ever wanted to know about boudoir - Studio Session

When I tell people I do boudoir (especially older generations), the most common response is a smile and nod followed by something along the lines of 'ahh that's interesting'. I can FEEL the confusion in these smiles, and it pains me. Boudoir photography is amazing!! And I absolutely adore it. So I've decided to dive deep and give a full explanation of what 'I do boudoir' actually means.

Along the way you're going to get to see some killer shots of a recent babe who visited my studio, so keep scrolling!

1) I get to be a hype woman 

This is by far my favourite part of boudoir (next to the fact that I'm living my dream and creating art on a daily basis of course). I am goofy, and laugh a lot, and may pull out some pretty bad dad jokes along the way, but I HAVE FUN. I always aim to make the women who visit my studio leave with a smile on their faces and a fun experience to tell their besties about. It's not just a photo shoot, it's a chance to have fun, be yourself, and embrace your body. I will be constantly cheering you on and encouraging you through every pose, so that makes it a little hard to leave without feeling like you're killing it. ;)


2) Self Love

We all have moments of doubt. ALL OF US.  Focusing on appreciating and being comfortable in your own skin is an incredible feeling... Being able to appreciate your belly rolls (god damn woman, everyone has them!) and see that you are beautiful just the way you are is incredibly empowering. 
I have seen every range of emotion in the boudoir studio and I think that's beautiful. I know exactly how you feel when you walk in with anxiety, I've been there girl, trust me. Helping you through the nerves is part of my job, and I adore seeing that smile when it breaks through. The transformation into freedom is such a beautiful thing <3 



3) Getting NAKED

Oh man, that word. I hate when people assume my place is just full of naked bodies all the time and I'm some sort of weirdo. (Can we also take a moment to rant about social media's phobia of nipples??). I have never seen a client walk in, strip, and pose on all fours ready to go. Nope. Just doesn't happen. 
Here's what actually happens: 
When you arrive, we start in my office. We chat before hand about outfit choices, but most ladies show up with a few too many options and ask for help with choosing, so that's first on the list. You get introduced to my makeup artist and get pampered for about an hour while we listen to music and chat some more. Once you are all ready to go you get changed into your outfit of choice, and move into the studio. A lot of the time we start with a robe over top and slowly reveal more as the session progresses and you get more comfortable.
The level of comfort and exposure is completely up to you, whether you want to be lounging in a cozy oversized sweater the whole time or pull out your skimpiest lingerie, there is absolutely no judgement, and it won't change the way I work.

Boudoir is not about being naked, it's about that feeling of intimacy, softness, beauty and self appreiciation that I am aiming for. 



4) Studio Experience

By offering a unique space to shoot in, it not only allows an extension of my style to show in the images, but also saves you money!! You don't need to spend an extra $200 on a fancy hotel room for your shoot, it's all included! 
Let's face it, I am kind of obsessed with my studio space. No it's not a fancy downtown warehouse, but I have put a lot of work into converting the top floor of my condo into my home office and shooting space, and I absolutely adore it. 

5) Investment

I aim to be on the affordable side of a luxury experience. I don't believe you should have to invest money just to shoot and then pay a bundle more to receive digital images. 
My packages are simple, and include ALL your digital images. 
For $395 we will shoot for an hour, and I always allow buffer time to chat and get warmed up. All your digital images are included (50+ images) and are delivered via an online gallery. The only add on options are if you would like to purchase an album or other print products, add hair styling or a make up artist to your session. 



If you are interested in booking a session here at the studio, or have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out!
To move forward with securing a date you simply need to provide a deposit on your requested date. The remainder of your session fee will be due by the day of our shoot. 

Lots of love,

Kris <3