Glamor Portraits & Badass Boudoir - Take a spin of our brand new Studio Space!!

This is pretty freakin cool; this lovely lady and I went to school together, and although she and I were never really friends, she’s followed my journey on social media the entire way!! 7 years post grad, we’re both adults finding our ways out in the world, and she decided to treat herself to a session! I’m so thankful she did, she was such a sweetheart and we had so much fun shooting together.

Right from the beginning, she placed ideas in my head and let me run with it, just the way I love it. Sessions with other creative minded people are always really interesting, because we usually end up feeding off each other and getting some really cool shots. And the trust.. I can’t not mention the trust. My heart soars every time someone tells me they trust me and to do whatever weird things I want to try… This lovely lady turned it into a speech I will forever remember, telling me how cool she thought it was that I was pursuing my dreams and running a creative business. On top of this being my first shoot in my new studio space, the heartfelt words, connection, and creative play make this session one I will NEVER forget.

We started out sittin pretty + sweet with an incredible gown from All Dolled Up, and ended with attitude + leather. Please, do take a scroll.

Thank you so much for following my journey and making the choice to hire me <3

My new Studio space located 5 minutes from downtown Ottawa

It feels so so SO good to be shooting in my own space again and having a proper workspace set up again, I absolutely adore the new digs. I have to mention; the progress I’ve made this month in the studio has been pretty wonderful. In 10 days I got the keys, did some renos, decorated, moved in equipment, and started shooting! I think it will always be a bit of a work in progress as I add little details, but she’s lookin pretty cute. I may have slightly overdone it with moving in the middle of wedding season but hell, when the perfect spot comes up, you jump!

I will be sharing more about the new space soon, but for now just know that the jacuuzi tub and shower will be making absolutely magical set for tomorrow’s boudoir marathon!!