Engagement Session - Gatineau hills adventure


When I asked Mitch and Cristin what they had in mind for their engagement photos, I’m not sure if they thought it would get this intense! I don’t know many couples adventurous enough to trek through the bush and climb up what I can only describe as a small mountain in 30 degree weather while dressed up for photos… but man, oh man, do I applaud them for the results!


Gatineau Park has always been a favourite spot of mine to explore in the warmer months, and I must thank my sister for showing me some of the best views it has to offer. These two were accompanied by Dierks (cutest trail lead I’ve ever worked with) and Kathy (doggo assistant & mother of the groom) for the adventure. The first location I brought the crew to is an incredible spot to view the stunning fall colours that our beautiful city has to offer. After nearly falling off the cliff about four times (clumsiness + my tendency to get very narrow sighted when excited/shooting is not the safest combination… ) we visited the rapids. We were all more than a little sweaty from our hike, and a little barefoot river action was 1000% necessary.


If I may give a little advice to couples planning their own engagement shoot, its this; don’t be afraid to try something different. Relish in taking chances with your partner, and your personality will come out. Trust me, as a photographer, that’s what we really want to see, if you’re happy and laughing, we’re thrilled.

Sometimes you’ve just got to get off the beaten path to find yourself.