Life As We Know It - In home Lifestyle Couples Session

Let me start by saying how incredible this session was; I got to play with a little bit of almost everything I adore about photography. Creative light, love, and vulnerability.


This session took place in Jordan & Kassandra’s condo overlooking the river, and the lighting was an artists dream come true. We chose early afternoon in order to have soft natural lighting streaming through their picture perfect windows. As you progress through this gallery you may notice it change a little. As time passed the lighting came directly through the blinds, allowing me to play with harsher light involving intricate shadows and deep contrast. As an abstract viewpoint, let me just say… pure magic.

My other happy shooting place is emotionally based. There were moments of vulnerability throughout the session, and I want to take a minute to bring attention to this. I went into this session looking to push myself, my creativity and my social interactions. I have worked with this couple before and decided this shoot a perfect chance to try something new.

To be welcomed into someone’s home and intimately involved in a person’s memories is an incredible experience, and I hoped to make it everything it could be. I believe that commendable photographers create an experience out of sessions, so armed with the knowledge from some blogs by Ben Sasso, I did just that. I made it my mission to lead this couple through a series of actions and questions that would draw out vulnerability and real emotion. I was searching for just the right conversation to reveal personality, send thoughts inwards, distract from the present situation. I adored watching this couple interact with each other and have real, rich conversation unfold in front of me.

These images depict concern, happiness, devotion, and joy; real moments of love.