Simple Stunner - Chris & Loretta's Elegant City Wedding

Where can I begin... This entire day was an absolutely lovely affair. This couple was so easy to work with and completely trusted my vision and judgement right from the beginning. I think it's safe to say this is a PRIME example of what happens when you allow an artist free range to play and create. I absolutely adore small weddings as I am generally allowed more space to work and am less restricted in terms of timelines, requested shots and quite honestly; stress.

Loretta & Chris took it to a whole new level and pretty much said: "Meet at City Hall for the ceremony at 230, photos after that... We'd like some shots with the family but otherwise happy to adventure around the city wherever you think would be nice. We loved all the engagement photos and we trust you" 
me: Oh. heck. YES.  And there I went to send them a document outlining all the ideas I had and example photos of spots around the market I wanted to hit up... 😃  

We started out at City Hall for a simple ceremony with their families and best friends, and took some lovely group shots around the building. Photographers: if you shoot at City Hall and have yet to discover this hallway, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. A friend of mine (and fellow photographer) told me about it and of course I went looking for it before the ceremony to get a feel, let me tell ya, it did not disappoint (Thanks Mel!!!). This hallway is a perfect little box of beautiful even light and it made portraits so easy to perfect. If you keep walking and go into the sports hall of fame building you will find the pretty pink windows we shot in as well 😊 

It's all about finding that perfect light for me  ❤ Of course we can make do (ie the teeny tiny ceremony room with *beautiful* dingy office light which clearly had to be overridden with flash and edited rather heavily) but when I find that little patch of light throwing onto a perfect pair of velvet shoes for example... man oh man! Natural beauty always wins. 

We sent the family off for food and continued our session with a visit first and foremost to the Highlander Pub! These two had their first date in this very booth and I was squealing inside at the cuteness (also loving the chance to sit back and watch the newlyweds relax and laugh together, it's SO nice to plan a moment for just the two of you on your wedding day). The manager (I believe he was anywho) was absolutely fantastic, and you will spot him in a couple images explaining a few of the scotch flavours he brought over to taste. They had no problem with me shooting or even using flash and I was so thankful for this! 

Continue on our walk through the market and over to Major's Hill Park for some lovely photos as the sun began to sink. Yes, I was down on the ground a lot, running after them to catch up after getting cute shots of them walking the Byward Market, and lying on the divider in the middle of the road while jay walking across Sussex (don’t tell my parents please) but god damn I was having fun!

Keep scrolling to see the pics, you deserve it if you’ve made it through this rant!

Yes… it gets even better with the second look!

Just because you opt for a city hall wedding doesn’t mean you have to opt out of style or class. It means perhaps you can spend the extra budget on a second dress!

Can I just point out once again: "We trust you" The best words I always dream of hearing that allow a new part of me to fly free. (ridiculous, I know, but also totally serious) 

Closing remarks: plan some private time with your boo. Not everyone has a completely relaxed wedding day like this but even if its as simple as a private little walk outside away from your 200 guests after the ceremony, make time for you ❤ 

Dress: Ted Baker
Coat: Ted Baker
Shoes: Ted Baker - Heels & Flats
Bag: Ted Baker
Hair: Showpony hair
Make-up: Third Avenue Spa