In a world of digital technology images have become disposable.

 I want to bring you back to the beautiful basics of film photography.

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Let me bring your memories into focus

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Elopement photographer canada
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My Story

Kristin Davis

With over 8 years of experience my speciality lies in 35mm film photography. I adore the art of film photography and will never abandon the emphasis on lighting, texture, and tangibility that it brings into focus. My gear is mostly Nikon, and I shoot high quality Kodak Portra colour film; loved for its crisp detail and fabulous skin tones. If working in black and white, Tmax Professional is my first choice.

I come from a background of abstract and fine arts photography, and believe that this style is still evident in my current work. I am a very detail oriented shooter and you can count on me to capture beautiful little elements that most people glance past. If allowed to be creative, much of my work will include strange closeups of details, lens flares, and other extreme lighting situations.