Stop and Smell the Flowers - Lavender Farm Portraits!

I absolutely adore travelling and exploring new places, so everytime I'm in a new area of our beautiful world I throw it up on instagram and facebook to see if I can meet any new clients while on my adventures. This time I was headed to Montreal, but when Cilla reached out over instagram to take me up on booking a shoot in the area, I never imagined such a beautiful session!! 

We met at the beautiful La Maison Lavande in St-Eustache, only 30 minutes from the heart of downtown Montreal. As we walked closer to the entrance, the smell started to hit us, and holy sh** was it ever incredible. I absolutely love the smell of lavender (and everything else about it) so it clearly felt like I was walking into heaven. 

To my lovely surprise, an incredible band was playing the sweetest live music, and there were many shady patches where friends and families were relaxing on comfy pillows, blankets, and swinging in hammocks. Snacks, relaxing music, and the scent of lavender filling the breeze; could you imagine a more beautiful place to spend an afternoon?! 

Someone please take me back <3 

This is peak season for lavender right now, and I would honestly adore going back, so please reach out if you are interested :) 

Next stop, heading up to Old Quebec City! Anyone around? ;)


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