Finding your inner goddess - Outdoor Waterfall Boudoir!

I have to admit something that's not easy to say...   I'm cheating...

On my studio, and falling in love with outdoor boudoir! 

July 3 Kass (51).jpg


Oh my goodness, I can not express how much fun these sessions are!! You all know I have an adventurous heart, so it may seem somewhat natural that I've fallen into this idea. I am feeling a little guilty, as I adore my studio, and I've put a lot of work into it making it exactly the right space for me to shoot in. But man, oh man, there's something about hanging out in nature with incredible women sharing empowerment, love, laughter and sunshine that just makes my soul sing with glee. 

These sessions become about so much more than the boudoir; it's an adventure, and a chance to bond before we actually start shooting. I strongly believe that forming a relationship with the ladies I work with goes a huge way into the images I produce, and what better way to bond then hiking and dipping our toes in the water together?! 

Curious how it works? Well to start with, we choose your location. This waterfall boudoir shoot was done locally at Princess Louise Falls in Orleans, not far at all from Ottawa, but I have also shot in Gatineau Park and on private property. Shooting outdoors is unique, because there is the possibility that strangers will walk by, and for this reason I suggest we keep it 'poolside appropriate'. (Of course if you have a private property, or access to one, we could do whatever you like with the session). Opt for wearing favourite bikinis or bodysuits since we are in and out of the water anyways! I do know of a couple places off the path where it is unlikely anyone will walk past, if you're a little shy I always suggest we start there and then move to the waterfalls. And don't worry, I'll be pulling out my bikini to be with you in solidarity! I always want you to feel comfortable, and so far the support seems to be much appreciated :) As usual, you'll get to giggle at me showing you poses while not breaking my neck on rocks or dropping my gear in the water, so you're guaranteed a little entertainment. 

After shooting a few of these outdoor boudoir sessions already this month I have decided to officially offer these services. If you head on over to my boudoir page you will find this new offer! 

ps... if you're looking to adventure with me, save 15% when you book your date by July 31! (Actual shoot date can be anytime before September 1)