My type of people - Winter Engagement Shoot

A rebrand is imminent, and client relations is something I’ve been thinking about... When you first start a business a lot of the ideas that mentors have for you focus on the customer. "Who is your ideal client?" they ask, knowing very well in the beginning the answer is "whoever will pay me…?"

As time passes, you really do start to get a feel for who you want to work with, and the clients you wish to attract. For some, choosing a target market right from the get go will work very well, and they can build a business around this audience. For me, this began to happen after I had already had many paying customers, and I’ve worked backwards from there.

So what have I learned over the past few years? The shoots I most enjoy are with clients who love to have fun, are kind of goofballs, into really bad jokes, and maybe a little socially awkward. I love to laugh, and getting real emotion out of a session is always my number one goal. I myself am not the most social person, (give me a Friday night in with the cat + pizza over ANYTHING) but I really do enjoy getting to know people on a more intimate one-on-one basis. If the client is a little awkward, that’s a challenge for me, and getting them to trust me and relax by being a little silly myself is the reason I enjoy it.

Having a sense of adventure will certainly knock a person to the top of my list. If you are willing to try new things, our shoot is going to be that much more exciting, and you will really get to see what I can do. I work best under pressure, when I’m forced to be creative and come up with new ideas. I really like when a client says “whatever you think is best” and gives me pretty vague ideas about what they want for their engagement session. I will ask a few questions to get to know them and plan something from there. So if our session is based around “there’s this spot in Gatineau that I’ve been wanting to shoot at...” or “I’ve never done this sort of thing but I have a really cool idea” and you’re willing to fly with it… I can pretty much guarantee our shoot is going to be incredible. I’m all about keeping an open mind, and those who trust me are incredible people to work with.

All right so how does this connect? Well the couple you’re about to see is definitely an example of my ‘perfect client’. They are absolutely hilarious, and were more than willing to turn their engagement session into a freezing cold outdoor adventure. We had the best afternoon possible simply by having fun and enjoying whatever happened. It took a good 20 minutes before any of us could pull a serious face, I got my core work out in from laughing on this session.


I cannot WAIT until July 14! Pretty sure I’m going to have about 6 more blog posts to encompass their laidback lavender farm wedding <3 Yeah you heard me: LAVENDAR. FARM. Eek!

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