Why Getting Ready is my favourite part of the Wedding Day

All the tears & all the close ups

This is one of my favourite things about weddings: quiet mornings with all the pretty things, and all the wonderful people.

So many emotions arise; there’s excitement, worry, bliss, friendship, love, belonging… I could go on forever. These little moments between you and your favourite people in the world mean SO much. You will want to capture every laugh, every tear, and every quiet smile sent your way.

Your big day only happens once.. let’s appreciate every minute.

The calm before the storm; a chance to Slow Down... There are so many lovely details before the wedding even begins, and the only part of the day without way too many eyes watching. It’s a chance to disconnect, and reconnect to what matters, before greeting your guests and partner with overwhelming excitement.

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For me, hanging out amongst pretty things is it’s own kind of peace; it’s completely different to shoot still objects compared to people. I really miss my studio work sometimes, and feel comfortable and completely in my element working with objects.It’s a place I find inspiration for the rest of the wedding day.

Keep scrolling to see some of my favourite moments and details!

You will never regret seeing these moments again

Please include me in the morning while you’re getting ready, you won’t regret these images and seeing the absolutely best angle of your wedding day details. <3

If you’re looking for coverage of the entire experience, plan on having me arrive shortly after hair and makeup. At a minimum allow an hour and a half to capture details, flatlays, some candids of hair and makeup, shots of you and the girls, and of course your favs helping you put your dress on.

Hey, feel free to leave extra time and add in some boudoir shots before you put your dress on if you want!! This day is all about you! 

As always, I’m here to help you make this day your own in whatever way I can.
Tell me all your dreams, and let’s make them a reality.