Pure Joy - Kellen & Michelle's Engagement in the Blossoms

The cutest blossom session with two brides

I have no other words to describe other than PURE JOY. The love these two have simply radiates. I’m so so thankful to be constantly inspired by the beautiful souls I work with. I can not begin to explain the happiness in my heart that comes with finding my people, my dreams, and my passions through my work. Thank you so much for including me in your journey <3

I can not wait for the adventures I know will come with your wedding!! Please, scroll and enjoy these cuties.

We explored the dominion arboretum here in Ottawa to check out the beautiful cherry blossoms and magnolias. Even on a cloudy evening without the sun Kellen & Michelle made their own light. I will not apologise for the ridiculous number of ring shots, simply can’t resist all the close ups when blessed with 2 stunning and unique rings.

Always happy to chat and hear your thoughts on these galleries!

All the love,